Technology Employed In CCTV Computer Technology

In all the malls, shopping complexes, restaurants, utility lifts, school buildings, corporate offices and even in temple places usually there is a note written in small letters. That is “this building is under CCTV surveillance”, which is to make the person cautious that there is no scope for you to forego the rule because there is there is someone hidden who is watching all the activities of the store. This wonderful technology is not very old and recently in few of the businesses or social gathering centers CCTV Computer Technology has made mandatory. This abbreviation means to Closed Circuit Television also referred as video surveillance. This is actually to transmit the signals of the camera to one specific place. The networking technology is the foundation for CCTV concept. It employs point to multipoint or point to point or meshes of wireless links. Though it is installed in all common areas, the technology is actually meant for places like military installations, casinos, airports and banks where there is high concern for security. All connected cameras are observed in central control room and advanced cameras have recording technology too. It allows watching the recorded videos to trace some clue or to prohibit any crime.

Benefits of technology

In recent days CCTV technology is helping to trace many crimes and thefts. This is basically useful for crime prevention. It is beneficial for industrial processes to have an eye on the ongoing processes of different departments in an industry. Traffic control and monitoring can happen with the help of this technology. Transport safety is an added advantage as it helps to direct the traffic to the safer place. This technology is used in schools and colleges or in all educational institutions to avoid any unfavorable activities. Used extensively in shopping malls to prevent theft as there can’t be a person to watch the activities of all the customers in the shop. The installation of CCTV helps to catch even a small misbehavior of customers. In this way there are several advantages of CCTV and advised by the Government to have this technology for the safety of rights of the owners and for the safety of public.